Wireless High Speed Internet

  • What makes your service different from satellites or aircards?

    South Texas Internet''s Wireless Broadband runs off of 14 different access points located around Medina County and the surrounding area. Some of the many advantages of our service include:

    No phone line required
    Always on.
    Local friendly service.
    NO Fair Usage Policy
    VOIP & VPN ready!
    Video streaming!
    "twitch" gaming ready
    NO upload/download limits

    Satellite service (Hughes NET, Wild Blue) suffer from some serious drawbacks:

    Latency- is the time it takes for your signal to leave your PC, travel through the system and reach the internet. Signals from your satellite connected PC have a 45,000 (yes... forty five thousand) mile round trip just to reach the internet and back. STI has at maximum, has a 16 mile round trip. Latency is measured in ms (milliseconds).
    Fair Usage Policy - A bandwidth cap, also known as a bit cap, limits the transfer of a specified amount of data over a period of time. Internet Service Providers commonly apply a cap when a channel intended to be shared by many users becomes overloaded, or may be overloaded, by a few users. Implementation of a bandwidth cap is sometimes termed a Fair Usage Policy. In plain english... if you use too much of "their" internet, they can and will drop your connection to dial-up speeds. Hughes NET policy is located here. Wild Blue''s policy is located here. STI has none.
    Contracts - You are locked into a 24 month contract. You can pay a $400 early termination fee to break it though. STI has no contracts. We understand that things and situations change over time. We would like to keep you as a customer forever, but if our service is no longer for you, just let us know 30 days before your ready to have the service turned off so we can finalize your last bill and we will even purchase your working equipment back from you when its time to part ways!

    Aircards (Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, Cricket) also have their drawbacks:

    A typical "3G" card has a download cap of either 50MB or 5GB depending on the plan chosen. Once you have exceeded your bandwidth cap, you are charged an "overage" of somewhere around 0.45 cents per Kb (kilobyte). STI has no download cap
    Speed - A 3G aircard will max out at around 700Kbps download. STI's ELITE plan maxes out at 15,360 Kbps.
    Latency - Better than satellite service, you can stream audio and video. But VOIP, VPN and gaming are still out.

  • What exactly is a WISP?

    A wireless Internet service provider (WISP) is an Internet service provider with a network based on wireless networking. Technology may include commonplace Wi-Fi wireless mesh networking, or proprietary equipment designed to operate over open 900 MHz, 2.4 GHz, 4.9, 5.2, 5.4, 5.7, and 5.8 GHz bands or licensed frequencies in the UHF band (including the MMDS frequency band).
  • My internet isn't working! What do I do?

    Some common internet issues can often be resolved by rebooting all equipment within the house, waiting 1-2 minutes between each device. The most effective procedure involves rebooting the antenna first, followed by the router and finally by any computer trying to access the internet. If your service is still not working please contact us at 830-444-0001 or by emailing chris@getsti.com from a working device, such as mobile phone/tablet or a work or library computer.
  • How do I reboot my antenna?

    Your antenna is located outside of your house. This antenna communicates to the devices within your house via a cable that leads to a small power supply. This power supply can vary from model to model but will always have two CAT5 network cables plugged into it, these will resemble larger phone cables. To reboot the antenna you’ll need to remove power from this power supply for 30 seconds, and then plug it back in.
  • What kind of speeds should I be getting?

    All wireless connection speeds can range from 80-120% of the package you’ve chosen. This is due to unavoidable variables that are a constant presence in the wireless world. If you believe you’re constantly lower than 80% please contact info@getsti.com

General Support

  • How much is tech support?

    In most cases, free. The technical staff is here to help with any and all technology questions and concerns you may have. All over the phone support is free as well as any service call to diagnose and maintain any antenna related problems. Service calls to service a computer specific issue (Ex: Virus) or an internal network issue (Ex: Router) can cost a fee, but in most cases this is very minimal. Call us today to see how can be of assistance!